Heroes do not only exist in the movies, movies exist because there are heroes. Robust debate and critical thinking are my super powers but Research is my secret weapon. World peace is my weakness and mediocrity is my kryptonite. I am an economics graduate, who is passionate about creating debate around all things economics.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Economics from the University of Johannesburg and I am currently enrolled for a Master of Commerce degree in Applied Development Economics from the University of Witwatersrand. I boast a background in investments and currently employed at one of the top Insurance Underwriting Management Agencies as an Underwriting Specialist. With a passion for research, I derive joy from writing economics based articles including Personal finance and Business.  Furthermore, I have a keen interest on how to breakdown mainstream economics for the common man on the street.

I believe that the only thing standing between an individual and their purpose is their perspective and that one shall reap what he or she has sown. Driven by my competitive edge and setting myself apart from the rest, I was inducted as a member into the Golden Key Honours Society in 2017.

My primary goal is to simplify Economics to a level that allows people to have intellectual conversations in all spaces.