Most of us know him or at least know of him. For some of you, the first thing that comes to mind when we say Christian man is an image of a man wearing an ill–fitted silver suit, red shirt, black tie, white socks, and sharp pointy black shoes. Let’s not forget the potbelly, towel, and the bible in one hand. 

Things have evolved since then. The modern-day Christian man wears a slim–fit suit and speaks with an accent synonymous with an “old – boy” from a boy’s school in the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg. He is diverse, on some days you will find him at a party singing along to a Drake song or at a theatre sitting through a boring play.

With the evolution of man, culture, and society over the last 50 years, is it possible that the historical Christian man has been replaced by the Modern Christian man?

I went on a study and asked a few of my female colleagues and friends to give me their input on the Modern Christian man. These ladies have varying beliefs, ages, and overall philosophies on life. We looked at how he carries himself, whether he lives for God and his place in society. 

The feedback that I received was not too alarming as the current state of the church is not something to boast about. 

The calibre of Christian men in history compared to now has dwindled. The modern Christian man has neglected his position in all areas of life. This speaks not only of marriage but in society as a whole. He needs to reclaim his place in society and walk in God’s purpose for his life. 

–       Anonymous 


When he does walk in God’s purpose for his life, you can see the difference in society. Also, ba hot la bo brother.

He is a gentleman but works too hard to be liked by the masses. It is almost as if he wants to be looked at in a different light. He needs to be comfortable in his own skin and live. Whether individuals judge or not, it shouldn’t matter as God is the ultimate judge. 

–       Anonymous 

On a lighter note…

Some of them are good men. It is just the one bad apple that spoils the bunch. 

  • Anonymous

The modern Christian man thinks he has things figured out, but in the words of Majimbo, “it’s not true, it’s not” He is rigid, religious, and in your face. He is overly self-righteous and obsessed with the things of the world. 

–       Anonymous


The modern Christian man is a good leader at work and in his home. Even though he has troubles with purity, just like most of us, his conviction will deal with him properly, and he can bounce back. I also like his confidence; he is sure of who he is. Let me speak Is’twiiter kancane, “He is the man that he thinks he is.”

He is stuck in a certain way of thinking. He doesn’t want to let go of the traditional ways of doing things. 

–       Anonymous 

On a lighter note… 

A select few are questioning things, and this is amazing. 

Abobhuti bomthandazo are red flags! I have nothing positive to say about them. Grand shap Batlao hurda, they will hurd you. 

  • Anonymous

The modern Christian man has his value firmly attached to his idea of provision which is primarily provision in a monetary sense. Once you remove this from his life, it is almost as if he becomes paralysed. Whilst I understand that provision is important for him, he needs to understand that provision also includes the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual provision. 

–       Anonymous

A man’s perspective

Dr. Myles Munroe once mentioned in his sermon that the family is under attack from the devil. The family consists of the man, woman, and child. To break the family, you attack the man as the head of the household (feminists rest bafethu), if the man is broken, he cannot lead his wife and children as God intended. Once the family structure is broken, the community is dismantled, which adversely affects society as a whole. 

The man’s heart needs to be reconciled back to God.

–       Anonymous

The Christian man is struggling to find his place in this evolving world. Historically, his value was attached to his ability to provide. Now that women can provide for themselves, he struggles to see his value and contribution. Whilst others respect him for living for God, others belittle him for trying to live a life of purity. There’s pressure on his shoulders to show leadership even in instances where he needs to be led. 

The modern Christian man needs to redefine his relationship with God. He needs to understand that his role in society is pivotal to the success of that society. He needs to reclaim his rightful position as leader, protector, and servant. He needs to put Christ first in everything that he does and when he does this, things will fall into place

He needs to go back to his first love, God. 

The modern Christian man


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    March 31, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    A fresh perspective. I was always so quick to judge the modern day man. I had never considered how hard it must be to adjust to the modern world and similtaneoulsy uphold biblical principles. Eye opening piece. At least now I’m aware of the challenges you guys face.

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    March 31, 2021 at 1:47 pm

    Yes Tshego. The issue is that a lot of the gents don’t talk about their troubles. I look to capture these troubles soon.

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    April 6, 2021 at 6:04 am

    Quite insightful how various women view the modern day Christian Man. Thank you for a well written piece and a reminder that we need to go back to our first love – Christ and firmly root ourselves in Him even in the changing times.

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